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Now available:
A Patchwork Fish Tale
completely rebuilt and restored

Every color and every detail overseen by Stewart Moskowitz

Stewart's underwater world lives again! A larger and more ambitious project than the rebuild of Too-Loose the Chocolate Moose, the new softbound book is finally available on Amazon .

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NEW book by Stewart Moskowitz available on Amazon: 
Vincent van Goat

Stewart has been refining and changing the book over time, as his ability to create paintings in the style of Vincent van Gogh has evolved. Many of the book's illustrations were painted over and over until Stu saw the results he wanted. Likewise, the story was revised many times.

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And coming up next: A Patchwork Fish Tale

The long-awaited re-release of A Patchwork Fish Tale is getting closer too. This has been a complex process, rebuilding the entire book with attention to every detail. Its initial release was rushed, and in this edition, as with Too-Loose the Chocolate Moose, Stu is making careful adjustments to color, clarity, and many small details. It is the same book, except better.

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Softcover version of Too-Loose is now available

Also, a few Too-loose items are available now, including T-shirts in all colors and sizes, and a poster.

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Too-Loose the Chocolate Moose is also available
on the iBookstore

For Apple iOs devices, chiefly the iPad and iPhone. The book contains many subtle refinements, including numerous retouches directed by Stewart. There are also some relatively distinct edits which Stu put considerable time and thought into, and he's very happy with the final product, though he was never entirely satisfied with the voice recording. After several readings at two different recording studios, we did learn a lot about narrating books. Adaptation of new media is a priority at Stewart Moskowitz Media, so we will be producing more projects soon. 

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Cover of Too-Loose the Chocolate Moose, 30th Anniversary Edition

A glimpse of the digital reconstruction of Too-Loose the Chocolate Moose

Here's a glimpse into the SMM digital studio as we lovingly retouch Too-loose's every drip. This sped up screen capture is shown at 9 times actual speed.

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