A feature length movie, The Adventures of the American Rabbit, was the first animated project to use Stewart Moskowitz characters. Advertisements for Suntory beverages and Japan Air Lines followed, along with the intial development of Dinky Dinos and Crock-o-Ducks. This section will be expanded soon along with the rest of the site.


Composite of the American Rabbit running

Robert Rabbit transforms into the American Rabbit in the feature film. Directed by Nobutaka Nishizawa and Fred Wolf , the movie was produced by Murakami-Wolf-Swenson (now Fred Wolf Films) and Toei Animation, a Japanese company.

Scene from Crock-A-Ducks animation
Crock-A-Ducks, which has been misspelled crock-o-ducks

At left are stills from Croc-A-Ducks, which only went as far a pilot production. The character design and styling were carefully overseen by Stewart and wonderfully rendered by Toei Animation in Japan. Below is a still from another abandoned pre-production effort, an adaptation of the first Dinky Dinos book.

There is much more to be added soon: pictures, production sketches, and animation from televsion commercials.

Scene from Dinky Dinos cartoon animation