Stewart's fun and memorable books are mostly out of print at this moment. People often wonder why, and there are a lot of subjects to explore in upcoming articles. Stewart has been creating new books which will be published soon. Read more about Too-loose the Chocolate Moose, which is now available again.


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Vincent van Goat


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From the author of Too-Loose the Chocolate Moose, another colorful biography that children and discerning art critics will cherish. Finally the real story of the famous yet mysterious painter that changed modern art with every stroke of his brush. Compelled to paint what he saw, Vincent van Goat captured his world on canvas with piercing honesty – a world of hungry, annoying goats and whatever was left uneaten by them. For the first time, we see how vitally important potatoes were to this lonesome maverick, and why he was so irritated with other goats. Art historian Stewart Moskowitz pulls tantalizing clues from each painting, and literally rewrites the entire biography of the enigmatic genius that painted what no other goat had ever dreamed of. A 33-page story.

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Fred's Pyramid


After the enormous popularity of "The Corporation" as a limited edition and as posters, the painting appeared on the cover of the first Stewart Moskowitz book. The story attempts to explain the events that led these penguins to balance in pyramid formation, and discards the original image title and its reference to business. The book has only the Moskowitz byline, but it was written by veteran TV screenwriter Coslough Johnson. Stewart supervised the interior art but did not draw or write the book. The result was not especially satisfying for Stu so he was more involved with all of his other books except for The Case of the Missing Moose. This book and the next four were produced by Chewie Newgett, Stewart's own licensing company in the 1970s and 80s.

cover of Fred's Pyramid
cover of A Patchwork Fish Tale by Stewart Moskowitz

A Patchwork Fish Tale


In this story a hungry fish finds his meals have consequenses. Written and illustrated by Stewart Moskowitz, this beautiful book is unfortunately very hard to find today (a softbound edition is planned for release on Amazon, somewhere around the end of May). Pencil illustrations by Stu were inked by an assistant at Chewie Newgett. Again the cover picture began as a limited edition print and poster, though the background was not green. 

New Edition is now available!

The 30th Anniversary Edition is a little late arriving, but we think you'll enjoy it. Every color and every detail of the rebuilt version of the book was overseen by Stewart. Now available on Amazon

The Legend of the American Rabbit - Who He Is and How He Came To Be


This book continued the pattern of writing a tale to match a very popular poster, again with Stewart writing the story and penciling the illustrations which were then inked by an assistant. The origin story was curiously discarded for the American Rabbit's feature length movie a few years later, which was not scripted by Stewart. The book describes the origin of the skates and super-powers, but to most fans the movie is the more familiar story.

cover of The Legend of the American Rabbit
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Too-Loose the Chocolate Moose

1982 (recently released as a 30th anniversary editon)

A moose made of chocolate has trouble finding his place in the world. This book was written and illustrated by Stewart, then the pencil illustrations were inked by an assistant at Chewie Newgett. A charming story of misfit-makes-good, this is probably the most popular and beloved Stewart Moskowitz book, presumably due in part to the lack of English-release books soon after its publication. Again the book starts at the cover: "Chololate Moose" was a very popular limited edition and poster. Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Suess) requested an autograph on his copy, though Stu didn't have the opportunity to meet him. In the wake of the poster, the moose was adaped into a beautiful plush toy made by Dakin with the title spelled like the dessert: "Choclolate Mousse". After acquiring the name Too-Loose in this book, an animated television series "Too-Loose the Chocolate Moose" was planned with the Ruby Spears company, but the project was never produced. 

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There's more about Too-loose on his own page and we have a few items of moose merchandise such as T-shirts in all sizes and colors.

American Rabbit
- The Case of the Missing Moose


Stewart designed the cover of this book, but was otherwise not involved. The story is by Coslough Johnson and the art is well crafted by Roy Wilson. The story casts Al E. Gator and Bird E. Brain as villians, a departure from any of Stu's art. Villians also were included in the American Rabbit movie, but they have otherwise been conspicuously absent in Stewart's own stories.

cover of American Rabbit - the Case of the Missing Moose
cover of Yellow Dinosaur by Stewart Moskowitz

Yellow Dinosaur
(Revolt of the Baby Dinosaurs)


Published only in Japan. The timeline of Stewart Moskowitz books clearly shows the move toward projects that he supervised closely or illustrated without other contributors, or wrote and illustrated entirely. It should be mentioned that he has worked with wonderful editors and publishers whose work is not to be forgotten, along with their designers who created lovely endpapers, dust jackets and page layouts. But in general you can see with this book how Stewart began to assume more control of book design and writing, while unfortunately also seeing promotion and licensing of his work restricted almost exclusively to Japan. This is the first book he wrote and illustrated entirely himself, but at this point in the timeline, books ceased entirely to be published in English, and Stewart's urgent requests for publishing outside of Japan were ignored.

The Night of the Upside-Down Crescent Moon


Published only in Japan. Illustrated by Stewart Moskowitz. The story is by Japanese author Yuichi Watanabe. Stewart was impressed with Wally the Whale Who Loved Balloons, which had been published in English, and he was disappointed when no translations of The Night of the Upside-Down Crescent Moon were ever attempted.

Stewart enjoyed numerous visits to Japan and always looked forward to returning. At book signinings, assorted Moskowitz books and merchandise would be sold and people would wait patiently in a very long line to get their item signed.

cover of The Night of the Upside-Down Crescent Moon
cover of Yellow Dinosaur 2 by Stewart Moskowitz

Yellow Dinosaur 2


Published only in Japan. Another beautiful book, and the second that is entirely Stewart's writing and art. Asked to create something with an ecology theme, Stu produced the second Dinky Dinos book, again featuring Parasa, the yellow parasaurolophus. With the Dinky Dinos stories now developing into their own line of books, Stewart repeatedly asked for translated printings, but to no avail. Like the previous two books, this one was beautifully printed but the possibility of translated editions was not explored. Worldwide promotion of items created by Stewart Moskowitz had begun with Chewie Newgett, but the new agency in Japan ignored the well established American market, and even efforts in Japan would soon be closed in spite of ongoing success.

The Flying Coconut


Published only in Japan. Illustrated by Stewart Moskowitz. The author's name is not in our records, and will be added when translated. With bright, saturated colors and simple backgrounds, this book is styled a little differently than the others, and the pages are heavy  card stock. This simple story of Parasa attempting to enjoy a coconut has the characteristics of the classic Moskowitz universe: a gentle and freindly tale with, of course, a happy ending.

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